So how does RedPill do what it does?

I mean, how can it produce useful suggestions for relieving pulled muscles, sprained joints and pain complaints?

Well, the app makes its suggestions based on communication or connection patterns between organs.

Sounds complex? Nah, it’s rather straight forward actually.

Based on where your patient is hurting RedPill calculates which organs connect to the injury. It does so because connecting organs can help promote recovery.

Treatment alleviates pain and corrects organ function. Pain free and proper function have a positive effect neighboring organs.

You see, “happy” and healthy muscles, deep fasciae, ligaments, bones and nerves have a positive influence on everything they connect with. They paid it forward; they make everything around them better. They spread light in the darkness.

So, all we have to do is ensure the organs on the RedPill list, the organs that connect with whatever’s hurting, are pain free and as fit and functional as possible.

You create the ideal circumstances for recovery, you make sure that everything related to the injury is as “happy” as can be, the body does the rest. Surprisingly fast. You’ll see.

RedPill is a powerful tool.

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….. the light … and the darkness …

Why did we develop RedPill?

As musculoskeletal therapists, we all understand and acknowledge the importance of inter-organ connections. I mean we’d all evaluate the rotator cuff muscles when helping a patient with anterior shoulder pain. And we know the ankle joint affects the knee joint and vice versa. Am I right?

We know that muscles, deep fasciae, bones, and nerves connect and because of that affect each other. Myers’s “Anatomy Trains,” Travell’s “Myofascial pain and dysfunction,” Chaitow’s “Muscle energy techniques,” and many other publications are based on inter-organ relationships, the functions they make possible, and the problems they can cause. Moreover, every available treatment method, technique, and modality is based on and effective because of inter-organ relationships. We know connections are important.

Despite the above, learning all of them by heart and sifting through those important to a specific pain problem or injury is just too time consuming and too difficult. There are so many.

So, RedPill is designed to make the inter-organ connections we all know to be important more manageable, practical, and useful. It is developed to allow all of us to use them. Effortlessly, of course.

“I never expected that years of training and injuries could be reversed. I have my life back and am excited to take on new adventures!”

Does this concept really work?

Yes! It really does.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve used RedPill to treat many college level and professional athletes such as soccer players from the best European leagues, Olympic athletes, IFBB bodybuilders, Strong Man competitors, MMA and K1 fighters, MLB, and NFL players (so you know, we’ve also helped many recreational athletes and non-athletes).

It actually works so well that until recently, the RedPill approach was taught at a private European academy. A select group of physiotherapists paid a sizable tuition for using it and learning about it.

Within a few years, all physiotherapists, even recent graduates, accomplished amazing treatment results, and were highly praised by their clients. They generated annual revenues far greater than €100,000 and treated professional athletes from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Just to give you an idea, they traveled to the Netherlands, Italy, England, Spain, France, South Africa, Surinam, the Dominican Republic, Germany and many other countries to help their patients.

Needless to say, all of them are very successful. And, it’s all because of RedPill.

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The patient in this example had persistent groin pain. He was pain free after 2 and dysfunction free after 5 session. Note: not all patients respond equally.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it. Take the app for a test drive. Sign up today for a five day FREE trial. If you cancel before the end of your trial period, your credit card will NOT be charged.

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It's easy to subscribe. And …, you get a FREE 5 day trial to test the app.
Your credit card is NOT charged until your trial is over.

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You can edit your personal account information and cancel
your subscription with one push of a button.

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Using the app in your clinic is a breeze!

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You can use the "easy-starts" to compile an evaluation list. Just select an image
that matches where your patient is hurting. You can also make your own list.

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RedPill shows all the muscles, deep fasciae, bones, etc. you need to examine, and if necessary treat,
to help your patient overcome an injury or pain problem.

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RedPill tells you where to start your treatment; ALWAYS at the bottom of the 4th column.
It ensures the best possible results.

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With the thumbs up and down buttons you register which organs are functional/painless or
dysfunctional and/or painful.

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RedPill visualizes the progress your patient makes after a single or multiple treatment sessions!
It lets you save it for future reference.

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In your patient admin you can edit patient records and review patient progress.

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By selecting a heart-icon in your patient admin you can view the progress a patient has made,
over a single or multiple sessions.


I'm a Netherlands-trained physiotherapist and LMT.

Willem Kramer

The guy who thought up this madness

Willem is a Dutch trained physiotherapist and LMT. Over the past two decades. He worked with many high school, college, and professional athletes from Europe and the USA. Among them were soccer players from the best European divisions, Olympic athletes, MLB, and NFL players.

He has worked with two European physiotherapy clinics and a private academy. Until recently, he taught a select group of Dutch physiotherapists the RedPill approach.